When it comes to ranking the best beaches in the world, opinions will certainly vary. After all, while many travelers share a love for the beach, not all beach lovers are looking for the same thing. But indeed, there are a few qualities most people can agree on when it comes to choosing the best of the best. And that’s precisely why Grace Bay Beach is consistently voted among the best beaches worldwide — most recently by the UK-based Alpha Travel Insurance, who has dubbed our beloved Grace Bay No. 1 in the world. And that’s one more reason to send your clients to the Turks & Caicos for their dream beach vacation.

So what is it about Grace Bay Beach that allows it to earn such a high ranking year after year? We have a few theories.

The water is so clear, you have to see it to believe it

No matter what kind of beach you prefer, there’s one thing most people can agree on: crystal-clear water is always a winner. And the water on Grace Bay is so impossibly clear, it may as well be a giant swimming pool. When you can wade neck-deep into the ocean and still see your toes — that’s when you know you’ve found someplace special. We guarantee your clients will be raving about the ocean here for years to come.

Venetian on Grace Bay – Providenciales – Turks & Caicos Islands

The sand is powdery soft

We’re not denying the beauty of a pebble beach, but the way soft sand feels between your toes while you make your way to the ocean simply can’t be beat. It’s perfect for kids who want to build sandcastles and sun worshippers who want to lay their towel somewhere soft so they can catch some rays.

350 days of sunshine and warm temperatures year-round — yes, please

On average, the Turks & Caicos enjoys about 350 days of sunshine every year. And while temperatures fluctuate every-so-slightly with the seasons, they rarely dip below 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Rest assured, travelers will always be warm here. And who isn’t seeking warmth in a beach?

Beach House – Grace Bay – Providenciales – Turks & Caicos Islands

Crowds? Never heard of them

Despite its unrivaled beauty and growing popularity among celebrities, you can still spread out on Grace Bay beach. It is three miles long, after all. While you can expect certain stretches of beach to be slightly busier than others (in front of the resorts, for example), they’re never crowded. And trust that your clients will always be able to find a beach where the only footprints to be found are their own.

We have a winner…

All that considered, there should be no surprise to find Grace Bay topping the Alpha Travel Insurance list of top beaches. You can read more about the rankings on Forbes.

Visit the best beach in the world

If you haven’t yet sent your clients to Grace Bay Beach, now is the time to start planning the perfect Turks & Caicos itinerary for them. Contact us to speak to one of our local travel designers who can help you create a memorable experience for your clients. We’ll help you with all the details, from accommodations to activities and more. And here’s a little secret: Grace Bay is just one of many incredible beaches to choose from in the Turks & Caicos. We’ll let you know all of our favorite spots.