With its serene beaches and a wide selection of world-class spas to choose from, the Turks & Caicos has long been a favorite destination for those seeking peace and relaxation. But there’s more to life here than sunbathing by the sea and body scrubs at the spa. For the adventurous type, this kind of vacation simply won’t do. And they’re in luck, because our islands also offer all sorts of adventurous activities for those looking for a thrill in the Turks & Caicos, as Brittany Anas explains in a recent Forbes article.

Kayaking and paddleboarding

Tell your clients to grab their paddle and head out into the Turks & Caicos mangroves with a kayak or paddleboard. Our mangrove forests are home to an entire ecosystem where juvenile sea life seek refuge. This is an excellent way to spot turtles, baby lemon sharks and a variety of juvenile fish. And all that paddling is a great workout, too.


Did you know the Turks & Caicos is home to one of the best kiteboarding beaches in the world? Send your clients to Long Bay Beach on the south side of the island, where top-notch kiteboarding instructors can show them the ropes of this thrilling sport. Are they experienced with kiteboarding? They’ll be amazed at the shallow waters and breezy conditions that make this beach a hot spot for kiters. For a real adventure, send them out on a kite safari. This kind of kiteboarding trip will give them the chance to experience the Turks & Caicos backcountry as they cruise the Caicos cays with only their board, kite and that spectacular wind.


With a healthy and vibrant barrier reef that’s home to an abundance of sea life, snorkeling is a must on your clients’ Turks & Caicos vacation. And they don’t need much — just a mask, snorkel and fins. They can hop on a boat and be out on the barrier reef in minutes. Once they jump in, they’ll quickly find out why the Turks & Caicos national motto is “Beautiful by Nature.” From tropical fish to turtles, stingrays to sharks — there’s an entire world waiting to be discovered beneath our ocean’s surface.

Ready to plan your clients’ adventure?

Do you have a particularly adventurous client who’s to experience all the thrills the Turks & Caicos has to offer? Get in touch, and let us help you plan the perfect adventure for them. We’ll help you plan the accommodation, activities and more, and your client? All they have to do is get out there and explore.