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Turks and Caicos has some very special experiences for your clients to enjoy, so let’s work together to help curate and craft the picture perfect Itinerary for them.

Please start with filling out as much information as possible on this page (even if it takes you a bit more time, and if you have to get more details from your clients, it’s worth the wait). Once we get this information, a travel designer will look at the profile and we can start hand-crafting.

First, Here’s some helpful tips and guides for planning


Entrance Requirements to enter the Turks & Caicos Islands

All travelers require Authorization to enter the Turks and Caicos.

To get authorization, visitors will need:

  • a negative Covid test taken within 3 days of travel
  • b) to be full vaccinated
  • c) medical/travel insurance

Note that this information and requirements may change.

More details, and the most updated information can be found here and here’s the link to the portal to get the Authorization to enter.

The portal team (that provides the authorization) is available via phone: (649) 232-7233, 649-232-5900, 649-232-4484 (8 am to 6 pm) or via email [email protected]

Important Notes on this process:

Getting their approval team on the phone is more difficult, email is better, and they have email service 24/7.

Heads Up! Depending on the time of year, amount of staff they have working, and how many arrivals are expected, some clients get their authorization up to the night before (or even very early in the morning of) the day their travel.


Here’s some Resources and Vacation Planning Tips to consider:


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