As a volunteer dog rescuer, Potcake Place founder Jane Parker-Rauw has had some bad days. Her worst day came in 2000.

It was a few years before Potcake Place would open as a dog rescue charity on Providenciales, but Jane was already the go-to person on island when it came to homeless potcakes – the mixed-breed dogs found throughout the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos, named for the congealed peas and rice mixture they were often fed from the bottom of cooking pots. She was in the front yard of a house in Kew Town, a residential area near the airport, where kids had tied rubber bands on the tails of a group of dogs – a brutal practice known as tail docking.

The dogs’ tails had begun to rot off; four of the animals had to be euthanized. Jane explained to the boys that they couldn’t do such a thing because dogs feel pain – something the boys had never been taught. You have to give the dogs water, Jane told the boys, and you have to give them names.

Jane’s best day came a few years later when the boys showed up at Potcake Place with a backpack full of potcake puppies. They wanted to have the dogs vaccinated. “We remember you and what you told us,” they told Jane. “And we named the dogs.” Jane asked the boys how they had gotten to Potcake Place from their home nearly 10 miles away. They had walked.

Many years later, Jane and her team of volunteers have grown Potcake Place into a hugely popular nonprofit on Provo that cares for thousands of homeless pups every year, many of which are adopted by families both on the island and abroad. It’s not unusual for tourists to show up to take a potcake for a socialization walk, then decide to adopt before they even board their plane back home.

Beyond simply giving the potcakes a place to go, the organization’s volunteers foster the puppies in their own homes, socialize them through beach walks and work with local vets to ensure the animals get their vaccinations and other necessary treatments.

Now, Potcake Place has become an island staple that many tourists add to their list of places to visit on vacation. Some mornings, a line of visitors snakes out the door to the nonprofit in Saltmills Plaza — volunteers eager to take a potcake pup out for a walk on nearby Grace Bay Beach. And you can’t blame them. We bet plenty of your clients would love the idea of taking an adorable puppy out for a walk on the best beach in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can my clients find the puppies?

Potcake Place headquarters is located in Saltmills Plaza in the Grace Bay area of Providenciales. Visitors can pop in, meet some puppies and learn some more about what they do. They have a constant stream of puppies needing socialization and adoption. Visitors can also take a puppy out to the beach – they’ll give you everything you need, you just need to supply some TLC.

Can my clients help?

YES! Potcake Place is a nonprofit organization run solely by volunteers. They could not operate without the kind donations of both time and money provided by sponsors and volunteers.

Can my clients adopt?

There’s on average more than 50 potcakes in foster care at any one time. Once a pup is available for adoption, they will come into the Adoption Center and their photo will be posted on the Potcake Place Adoptions Facebook Page.