Underwater Semi-Sub

The Underwater Semi Sub excursion offers a unique experience by which they can experience our underwater adventures without getting wet!

Whether you’re young or young at heart, experience our wonderful underwater world in air-conditioned comfort, with your very own viewing window.

The vessel was custom designed for underwater viewing, and operates just above the surface with guests seated in the Passenger Cabin five feet below the waves. It holds a maximum of 16 guests and guests sit in pairs where each guest will have his / her own viewing window. The Passenger Cabin is comfortable and cosy and has air conditioning.

Explore the Reef

This guided excursion is informative and fun for the whole family. Take a trip out into the open ocean in our semi-submersible boat to view Turks and Caicos’ stunning coral reef formations. You’ll get to see a huge array of different reef fish, crustaceans and possibly even rays. You will also get to spend some time cruising in Turtle Bay looking for our resident Green Sea Turtles. This is one of very few places IN THE WORLD where you’ll get to see so many endangered, wild and free Sea Turtles in their natural habitat up-close. It is a very special experience!

Mermaid Appearance

Dreams really do come true when you blow the magic conch horn. See our real-life Turks and Caicos Mermaid! With her magical mermaid tail and long flowing hair, you will want to have your camera ready! This tour will also take you past a coral reef formation where you can experience our resident green sea turtles in their natural habitat. It really doesn’t get more fun than this!

Private Mermaid Encounter

We’ll arrange to have our Mermaid make private appearance – just for you. This experience is available for private kids’ parties, kids’ camps, weddings or corporate events, however please note that this experience is only suitable for villas. In order to make this encounter possible, there is a little bit of planning that needs to happen in order for the mermaid to “appear” in the pool!