a unique and educational experience

The waters of Turks and Caicos are blessed with the presence of endangered sea turtles, mainly the Green and Hawksbill.

Weekly research expeditions are done on the island that include data collection and monitoring, and also have opportunities for visitors and the community to contribute and participate as well. Individuals and families can help further the understanding and protection of sea turtles by participating in the following:

* Turtle tagging experiences
* Night walks for nesting turtle sites
* Sponsored satellite tagging initiatives and ‘Adopt-a-Turtle’ programs
* Presentations on sea turtles by local marine specialists

The SEA Turtle Tagging PROJECT is one of the turtle tagging experiences and consists of a 1/2 day ocean-based program featuring:
-the marine biology and anatomy of a sea turtle
-marine conservation in Turks & Caicos, and local Fisheries rules and regulations
-ocean etiquette
-snorkeling and freediving technique & Manta Tow snorkeling off our research vessel
-scientific data collection sheet how to’s
-capture, tag and release of sea turtles
-what can you do to help?

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