Travel & Leisure’s article on Celebrity Travel to Turks & Caicos – full article here

Turks and Caicos has a reputation for being a luxurious but sleepy island getaway, but it’s also a hot spot for celebrities (think Olivia Munn, Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt, and Cara Delevingne) looking to unwind and enjoy the “simple” luxuries with their closest friends or family members.

And now some, like Munn, are turning to Beach Enclavethis link opens in a new tab, a new collection of private luxury villas that offers vacation rental options so anyone can get the full celebrity treatment (for a price, of course).

You know when you’re asked to sign an NDA upon arrival, it’s going to be a good trip. Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure unobstructed views of the cascading infinity pool — and crystal blue waters beyond it — upon entry. The first face guests see is that of a smiling butler (yes, butler), with a cocktail featuring local ingredients at the ready. A complimentary butler comes with every rental. Hungry or thirsty? No worries. Everything you want is in the fridge because they have asked you for your grocery list ahead of time. They even make their own wine.

With private villas on the famous Grace Bay, North Shore, and the newest property on Long Bay, Beach Enclave offers a blended experience of the privacy you would get with an Airbnb and the full services of a luxury hotel. Just a three-hour flight from New York City and a quick one-hour hop from Miami, you’ll find yourself wondering why you stayed stateside for so many birthdays and bachelor/bachelorette parties — though here, you’ll have to bring the party with you.

Unlike St. Bart’s and other nightlife-heavy islands, Turks and Caicos focuses on the quieter luxuries with nighttime activities consisting of enjoying leisurely dinners of fresh seafood at restaurants such as Provence, mingling with locals over conch at a nearby fish fry, or having a private chef come make dinner at your villa. You’ll likely head to bed early anyway after tiring yourself out with on-site yoga and some of the best recreational water sports in the world (don’t miss the kiteboarding).

Travel & Leisure’s article on Celebrity Travel to Turks & Caicos – full article here