While the island of Providenciales has so much to offer, your clients will only catch a glimpse of the Turks & Caicos if they limit their trip to one island. Many people don’t realize that we’re a country made up of many islands and cays, only nine of which are actually inhabited. And each plays a distinct role in the rich heritage of the Turks & Caicos.

That’s why we think it’s so important for visitors to experience our islands beyond the beaches of Providenciales, beautiful though they may be. A backcountry adventure by boat, by kayak and on foot through historically significant communities and ancient ruins — that’s how you really get a feel for these islands. And you can choose from a variety of different adventures for your clients. They can discover ancient limestone caves, hike through the paths at Wades Green Plantation and soak in some of the most breathtaking views, wildlife and historical heritage you’ll find in the Caribbean — all on the islands of North, Middle, East and South Caicos.  Here, local islanders are friendly and welcoming.

Find sleepy villages, abandoned cotton plantations and some incredible beaches that are sensational for beach combing and swimming. Energetic explorers can even wade or swim across channels to investigate adjacent cays and beaches. It might be a bit of a trek to some areas of our islands and cays, but it is always a worthwhile and hugely rewarding adventure.

North & Middle Caicos

Home to the impressive Conch Bar Caves National Park, Flamingo Pond Nature Reserve and the picturesque Mudjin Harbour, North and Middle Caicos are chock full of adventure. They’re also only a 30-minute boat ride from Providenciales.

The award winning cultural and sightseeing eco-tour ‘Heart of the Islands‘ to North and Middle Caicos is a must do for those who’ve already experienced our popular Grace Bay Beach and/or for those who like to explore.

It’s a full day trip designed to transport you to the major scenic sites across the islands and to introduce you to the amazing history, friendly people and traditional culture and cuisine of the islands. Small group tours (ideal 2- 9) and customized private adventures are available. A typical day itinerary is as follows:

– Private boat from Providenciales to North Caicos. Approx. 30 minutes
– Visit the Flamingo Pond Nature Reserve (binocular viewing only)
– Explore the extensive limestone cave system at the Conch Bar Caves National Park
– Learn about local artisans and traditional handcrafts at the Middle Caicos Co-op
– Walk along the cliffs and swim the beach at Mudjin Harbour
– Enjoy local seafood and other fare at an island restaurant
– With time permitting discover the rich history of colonial loyalists at the ruins of Wade’s Green Plantation

Joe Grant’s Cay & East Caicos

The largest uninhabited island in the Caribbean, East Caicos and its neighboring Joe Grant’s Cay are Turks & Caicos treasures accessed by boat from Bambarra Beach on Middle Caicos. The boat ride itself is a scenic treat as you cruise along a deserted coastline. And the snorkeling? Superb. Here, visitors can walk along the most pristine beaches and hike to old ruins, stopping for a picnic under the shade of a casuarina tree. A visit to these islands is another level of adventure, and one that’s so worth the time.

South Caicos

Also known as “The Big South,” the island of South Caicos is home to charming Bermudian-style architecture, streets lined with stone walls, roaming wild donkeys, and salt flats where flamingos wade. Once the hub of Turks & Caicos salt production in the 19th century, South Caicos is now a sleepy settlement with a rich history, fantastic fishing and spectacular coral reefs for snorkeling.

Arrange for your clients to hop on a local fishing boat to see the island from the sea, and check out the untouched beaches of Long Cay National Park. In South, visitors can enjoy the freshest seafood found in Turks. It is, after all, considered the fishing capital of the country.

Start planning a Turks & Caicos eco and cultural backcountry adventure for your clients

Our local vendors and guides are mostly local residents from the Turks & Caicos Islands, and bring you local knowledge and pride from over 20 years of exploration and experience conducting cultural and sightseeing eco-tours to these islands and is proud to recommend its most gratifying and interactive ecotourism excursions.

Above all soak up the relaxed ambiance and enjoy some true Caribbean hospitality. We can offer these trips at almost anytime for couples, for families or for a group of intrepid friends. We would love to take your valued clients right off the beaten path!

Do you have adventurous clients ready to dive deep into all the Turks & Caicos have to offer? Get in touch, and work with our local travel designers to create the perfect Itinerary for your clients. We’ll help you find the best accommodations, restaurants, adventures and more — all designed with your client in mind.