Are Your Clients Looking for Fine Art in Grace Bay? Send Them to the Brilliant Gallery

When you think about the Turks & Caicos, no doubt you think of world-class beaches, luxurious resorts and villas, and delectable dining experiences. We take great pride in all that our islands have to offer, but did you know that our main island of Providenciales is also home to an impressive fine art photo gallery right in the heart of Grace Bay? Let us introduce you to the aptly named Brilliant Gallery, home to some of the most beautiful photos taken in the Turks & Caicos on canvases ready for your clients to add to their own walls at home.

Brilliant Gallery, Saltmills Plaza, Grace Bay

Owned by local photographers David Gallardo and Anita Marcus, the Brilliant Gallery officially opened in 2019. It was a natural progression for the business partners and their well-established photo studio, Brilliant Studios. Through the studio, Anita and David specialize in portrait, wedding and commercial photography. Now with the gallery, they spend more time photographing the islands they call home and creating stunning artwork to be displayed in people’s homes. (Your clients will also find much of their artwork in resorts and villas around the island). It’s another way for travelers to bring a piece of the Turks & Caicos home with them, so they’ll always be reminded of the treasured time spent here.

Landscapes, seascapes and local wildlife

Before they began photographing people nearly 15 years ago, David and Anita were scuba divers who specialized in underwater photography. So for them, the opening of their gallery was an opportunity to get back to their first passion: capturing the natural beauty of the Turks & Caicos. Inside their gallery, there are an array of art works to choose from in the form of large metal prints. Seascapes, landscapes, striking shots of some of the wildlife found beneath the ocean’s surface — it’s all there. With the photos printed on metal, they are less likely to fade over time, can be cleaned and are surprisingly lightweight.

Visit the gallery, or order online

Good news if your clients are itching to get their hands on their own piece of Brilliant art, but they’ve already left the island or don’t want to wait until their next trip: They can order online. With the Brilliant Gallery online shop, your clients can choose their photo and metal print size, and have the art work shipped right to their front door. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Family photos? Wedding photography? They do that, too

At Luxury Experiences, we believe a family or couples portrait session is the best way for your clients to commemorate a trip to Turks. And if they’re planning a wedding on the island, we highly recommend using local, well-known photographers like Anita and David. Luckily, when your clients visit the Brilliant Gallery, they can meet the photographers face-to-face and discuss their photo options. They can get some gorgeous island flair to hang at home, and book a portrait session that will produce a wealth of memories to cherish for years to come — two birds, one stone.

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